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Silent Toilet Leak Detection and Toilet Repair in Decatur, AL

            Once upon a time, a family decided to upgrade their plumbing fixtures to save money and be more cost-efficient. They replaced their showerheads with low-flow heads. They installed a rain bucket for watering the lawn with rain water. They replaced their faucets with fixtures that use less water, and they even installed water-saving toilets. They thought they were doing so well, but about a year later, their water bill was extremely high. They couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. They called the friendly technicians at Lamco Plumbing, and they were shocked to learn that their toilet might have a silent leak that was wasting hundreds of gallons every month. The technician provided them with some useful information and saved the day!

While this story is fiction, it applies to many homes all over the country. Unfortunately, residential clients all over Decatur, AL and the United States waste thousands of gallons of water every year because of leaky fixtures and appliances. This adds up to hundreds to thousands of dollars spent on wasted water. In order to save our clients from this headache, we wanted to provide information about Silent Toilet Leaks in your Decatur, AL home, and how to use the Dye Test.

Before fixing some of the obvious problems with a toilet, like a faulty or damaged flapper, you should also test for a silent leak using the Dye Test. Essentially, you should start with clear water in both the tank and the toilet bowl. Once the water is completely clear, you can add dye to the water in the form of colored drink mixes, instant coffee, or food coloring. Some municipal districts also offer dyes for the water, but they aren’t necessary. Add the dye to the toilet tank only. Leave the toilet alone for 15-30 minutes and do not flush or use the toilet during that time. If you return and find that the water in the toilet bowl is no longer clear, you have a silent leak and should contact a licensed technician at Lamco Plumbing. If the water is clear, you may have another type leak or plumbing problem.

While a leaky toilet flapper is the most common and easy to fix problems, you should contact Lamco if replacing the flapper doesn’t fix your problem. You can also give us a call if you are unsure how to repair the flapper or other fixtures, or would like more information. As always, the most important thing is routine maintenance. Don’t wait for an emergency to have your property’s plumbing inspected; instead, call Lamco Plumbing!  You can also call Lamco Plumbing if you have questions, need to schedule routine maintenance, or would like help with other plumbing repair. Their plumbers are ready, willing, and able to help you with any of your residential and commercial water heating and/or plumbing needs. For testimonials, money saving tips, and coupons visit our website. And feel free to call us when problems arise or with any questions or concerns.

Do Something Different – Last Minute Ideas that Will Benefit the Family All Year Round!

Give a Gift that Will Last Long & Add Value to Your Decatur, AL Home

Stressed out with last minute gift shopping decisions this year? Stress no more! The holidays are one of the most joyous times of the year and you can do your part for people you care about. Instead of buying something expected, think outside of the box! At Lamco Plumbing, our plumbing technicians wanted to suggest for you a few gifts that keep on giving. For a family or an average homeowner, consider purchasing something that will increase your home’s value last for a long, long time. One suggestion we recommend is minor bathroom and kitchen remodels.

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In this economy, money is tight! Many of the gifts we give and receive are nice and fun but sometimes they serve no major use or purpose in our everyday lives. If you really want to impress someone you care about… try something new! Do you know someone who is constantly cooking and using the kitchen? Many people who enjoy hosting parties and catering to guests do it because they love it. Wouldn’t you like to make it an easier job for them? We have an environmentally responsible way to do that.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Give the gift of garbage removal! Excess food remnants in the kitchen can lead to large loads of trash and funny smells when they sit in the garbage too long. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, this is the perfect time to get one! Not only will it ease kitchen clean up but it is extremely environmentally friendly! Instead of sending old food waste to a landfill, you can get rid of your extra food right at home.

Environmental Benefits of Disposer Use:

-Your home will be more sanitary! This means fewer trips to the garbage and less trash to remove from your home. When food is put down the garbage disposer, it is ground up and enters your sewage system right away. This is a much better place for your waste than sitting under your kitchen sink or rotting a garbage can.

-Less waste at a landfill means less harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

-While food waste in the water supply may not sound like the best option, when it ends up back at the water treatment plant, a majority of times it is used to create energy.

-Don’t worry about a drastic increase in your water or electricity usage. Garbage disposals account for only about 1% of your whole house usage. If you really want to save, take shorter showers, turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth and don’t leave lights on when you don’t need them! That will make a much bigger difference than using your disposal will.

Garbage disposal installation is a creative way to make someone’s life easier while also being environmentally conscious. To learn more about a new garbage disposal, feel free to contact us! People that are constantly cooking and using the kitchen will thank you – and they will benefit from using it for years to come.

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Try Other Remodeling Ideas As Well!

Many people want to upgrade plumbing fixtures in their kitchen and bathroom but don’t have the extra money to do so. Whether your faucets are aged and rundown or you need a showerhead with better pressure, Christmas is a perfect time to get and give just what you want! Some people choose to upgrade their plumbing fixtures because they don’t work as well as they used to while others simply want to change the look and feel of their home atmosphere. Either way, the choice is yours! This is a great time of year for kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

If you know someone who would love this type of gift for the Christmas season… what are you waiting for?! Minor remodels are a great way to show you care and the good things is that it will be years before you ever need to replace them again. Instead of a one-time restaurant gift certificate or a fancy new coffee mug to add to the collection, give something that will last for years down the road.

At Lamco Plumbing, we specialize in:

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Do something different this Christmas! Improve the health, quality and value or someone’s home. They are sure to appreciate your good will and creative thinking. If you are looking for other innovative gift ideas, we have plenty more! Feel free to call us to discuss bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, garbage disposal replacement or installation and any other plumbing services you have questions about. We will do our best to make sure you get just what you’re looking for and to enhance the comfort and convenience of your home in the Decatur, AL home.

Have a Wonderful Christmas!


Keep Your Bathroom in Tip-Top Shape with a Bathroom Remodel in the Decatur, AL Area

Trust in Lamco Plumbing for all of your Bathroom Remodeling Needs

As the weather and the seasons continue to change, it is the perfect time of the year to shift your focus from the outdoors onto the interior of your home. The look and feel of your home is one of the biggest factors when it comes to your comfort and with the holidays steadily approaching, you need to get on top of that to-do list before your guests arrive. Whether you’re the type who hosts dinner and cocktail parties or you prefer to relax in the privacy of your own personal space, your home is a place that you should be proud of. It’s a great time of year for remodeling projects, especially bathroom remodeling! It may be the smallest room in your home but it receives a ton of traffic on a daily basis. Get the dream bathroom you’ve always wanted and transform you bathroom into anything you want it to be!

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At Lamco Plumbing, we specialize in bathroom remodeling. Even if it is just a professional opinion or you need a minor toilet repair, sink repair or faucet installation, we are here to help. Our master plumbers have the knowledge and experience you need to help you have the bathroom of your dreams in your in home… and at an affordable price!

Why remodel, you ask? Here are a list of great reasons why bathroom remodeling is a good idea to improve your living environment:

Brighten It Up – Dim bathroom lighting can be a major inconvenience and older bathroom fixtures and lighting fixtures have limited capabilities when it comes to enhancing the brightness of your bathroom. If the quality of your bathroom lighting has got you down, consider trying more modern lighting fixtures or a more useful lighting design that’s guaranteed to give you more light. Modern fixtures can also lower your utility bills because they perform extremely efficiently and save energy.


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Make a Plumbing Fixture Upgrade

◦     Over time the condition of your plumbing fixtures can get worse. Even if they are still functional, there is a chance that they are not working at their maximum efficiency and can be costing you more money than you need to be spending. Whether you need fixture repair or a plumbing fixture replacement, keeping up on the health of your bathroom fixtures can make a big difference for your home comfort… and can save you money in the long run! At Lamco Plumbing, our plumbing contractors specialize in new plumbing fixtures if you are looking for a large scale bathroom remodel. We can do it all!

More Space – A small bathroom isn’t always a happy bathroom! Especially when storage for your towels, toiletries and other supplies is extremely limited. Whether you want to increase the overall size of your bathroom to make it more spacious and less cramped, or if you need to add cabinets or any other type of storage units for your things, Lamco Plumbing has the bathroom remodeling  experts for the job!

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Boost Your Property Value – The day may come when you decide to sell your house which is why it’s very important to maintain a home with a high value in the real estate market. The layout and condition of your bathroom can either make or break a good deal. The last thing you’d want is for your bathroom to be the reason that potential home buyers decided to walk! If your bathroom is outdated and could use some plumbing repairs, it’s a great time to start. Whether you want to start with something small or completely re-do it from top to bottom, Lamco Plumbing are the local leaders that will walk alongside you. From toilet repair to faucet installation to bathroom fixture replacement, we do it all!


Every host or hostess wants to “wow” their guests… and this is your chance! Don’t give them a reason to complain. Take care of minor problems in your bathroom now or start upgrading or remodeling your current bathroom fixtures so you will be ready for whatever may come your way this holiday season. At Lamco Plumbing, our plumbing contractors are here to best meet your individual needs and will work with you directly to find out what will be the best options to improve the comfort of your home. We aim for maximum efficiency when it comes to your plumbing system but above that, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction!

If you are in the Decatur, AL area and are in need of ANY plumbing services or are interesting in learning more about a bathroom remodel, contact us today!