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Conserving water, Decatur, AL

Water is one of the most precious and enjoyed resources on earth. We go boating, fishing, and swimming; we water our lawns, take showers, and so much more. In honor of August as National Water Conservation month, we wanted to take some time to talk to our Decatur, AL residents about water conservation. Did you know that rooftops and pavement don’t allow water to soak into the ground? This means the water runs off and has to be collected in storm drains and directed to local streams, rivers, and coastal waters. Along the way, the water can come in contact with any number of pollutants like oil, antifreeze, pet waste, fertilizers and pesticides.  In most places, storm water does not get treated, so all of those pollutants end up in local waters.

In honor of National Water Quality Month, give these tips a try to protect water quality where you live:

  • Pick up after yourselves and your pets. Whenever you take your pet for a walk, try to avoid streams and other waterways when they are going to the bathroom. Always pick up after your pet to help prevent the waste from entering the water system. Littering is a crime, so be sure to pick up any trash you may have lying around to avoid fines and help preserve the environment.
  • Water your lawn only when necessary. An easy way to see if your lawn needs water is to walk on it. If your footprints remain in the grass, you should water it. If no footprints remain, your lawn should not need water.  
  • Use rain barrels. Plants do not need the same quality of water as people, so you can build a rain barrel to collect runoff water from your roof when it rains. This water can then be used to water your lawn or garden and to wash your windows or vehicles. Be sure to check local regulations before installing a rain barrel–some areas have laws that prohibit them. This also has the added bonus of lowering your water bill.
  • Apply lawn care chemicals in dry weather. This will help prevent the chemicals from ending up in the rainwater runoff that collects in the storm drains. You can also look for environmentally friendly lawn chemicals that are better for the environment.
  • Fix leaky pipes and/or fixtures. Leaky pipes and fixtures waste this precious resource and can also cost you more money on your water bill every month. Thankfully, the skilled technicians at Lamco Plumbing can easily fix a leaky pipe and fix or replace a leaky faucet.

One great idea is to have a backflow preventer sewer system installed in your plumbing system. This will help prevent waste water from ever coming in contact with your fresh water. If you have questions about other ways you could conserve water in your home, you can call the licensed technicians at Lamco Plumbing. Their plumbers are ready, willing, and able to help you with any of your residential and commercial water heating and/or plumbing needs.

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Let’s Celebrate Decatur, Alabama! It’s World Plumbing Day!

Do you know what March 11th is? Lamco Plumbing does! It is World Plumbing Day. March 11th was designated as World Plumbing Day by the World Plumbing Council in order to raise awareness about the importance of the plumbing profession around the world. Many take plumbing for granted, but clean water and sanitation are important to the nation’s health and safety. In a world where 1.1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water, we should be thankful for the modern plumbing we use and enjoy.

Besides preventing disease and death, modern day plumbing is also helping to save the planet. Only 7% of the earth’s water is fresh water and at least 70% of that water is trapped in the polar ice caps. It is important everyday that we work to conserve water at the local and global level. Plumbers are on the front line of that effort. With new industry technologies like water and energy efficient water heaters and grey water systems that collect sink and shower drain water and then use that water for toilet flushing, the plumbing industry is becoming more creative and more effective at saving our natural resources.

And here at Lamco plumbing we encourage you to celebrate World Plumbing Day with us by committing to using water more efficiently.  You can:

1. Install low flow faucets and showerheads

2. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth

3. Wash your fruits and vegetables together and all at once in a basin instead of individually under a running faucet

4. Use a broom to clean your sidewalks and driveway instead of a hose

5. Upgrade toilets and water heaters to newer and more efficient models

These are just some of the things you can do to help save our most precious natural resource…fresh water! Lamco plumbing is proud to be part of such an important industry that helps saves the planet and helps saves lives. We appreciate our hard working and highly trained technicians and all they do for the community!

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