Clearing clogged drains in Decatur, AL

Over the years, plumbers in the Decatur, Al area, and all over the US have seen a wide variety of causes for clogged drains. They’ve seen whole rolls of toilet paper lodged down a kitchen sink; an entire battalion of matchbox cars; various other toys; whole towels; and so much more. Thankfully, they go through extensive training and educational programs to receive their licenses. Their training teaches them how to use the various tools available to diagnose and unclog drains. Their training also allows them to diagnose more serious issues that may be the root cause for a clogged drain. When thinking about whether or not to contact a plumber for a clogged drain, remember that they have years of experience with these types of issues. They have also seen a good number of simple DIY attempts turn into costly, major plumbing repairs.

When you hire professionals like those at Lamco plumbing we ensure your satisfaction. After all, if you’re not completely satisfied with how we resolve a clogged drain, you’re less likely to call us for more serious problems in your residential or commercial property’s plumbing. We depend on your satisfaction and continued business, so we will do everything we can to detect, repair, and prevent plumbing problems. This includes examining your clogged drain to determine if you are experiencing a more serious issue. We have three options available to clear your drain from whatever is clogging it: Snake or cable cleaning, hydro jetting, and Total-C Drain additive . Total-C is the best drain cleaner on the market and helps keep your pipes clear and fresh-smelling.

In the end, the best recommendation we can make is to hire a plumber when you have a small problem. If you wait until the problem is extensive, then you run the risk of higher repair bills and potentially more invasive repair methods. If you think you may have a clogged drain or have a question, you can call the licensed technicians at Lamco Plumbing. Their plumbers are ready, willing, and able to help you with any of your residential and commercial water heating and/or plumbing needs. For testimonials, money saving tips, and coupons visit our website. And feel free to call us when problems arise or with any questions or concerns.