Have a plumber inspect a home before purchase in Decatur, Alabama

44% of people call a professional plumber for repairs within the first year of purchasing a home. This is because a normal home inspection looks at bigger items like roofs and foundations. If you are purchasing a home in Decatur, Alabama we suggest hiring a professional plumber to inspect the homes plumbing.

During the inspection the plumber will check the water heater and determine how old it is and if it needs to be replaced. They will check the pipes to determine if they are lead pipes or galvanized and give you an estimate for replacement or water filtration if they are. A plumber will look under sinks, around toilets, and at bathroom tiles to see if there are any visible pipe leaks. They should also check the home for a slow leak or any at risk pipes.

During the inspection the plumber should also test water quality and determine if there is a backflow preventer and sump pump installed that work. They will also check the property for any standing water outside or any areas that are wet that should not be. This is to determine if there are any outside lines that may be leaking or broken. There are many more items that a professional plumber will inspect to determine the state of the plumbing in a possible home purchase that a normal inspection will not cover. A professional plumbing inspection comes at a very minor cost and could end up saving you a lot of money in the future or prevent you from making a bad purchase.

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