Pipes 101: Plastic pipes in your Decatur, Alabama Community

There are many different types of pipes that bring water to and from your Decatur, Alabama home and business. In addition to pipes there are pipe fittings, pipe connectors, solder and a variety of other components that go into putting together the complex maze of pipes in your plumbing system. Plumbing pipes come in two major categories: plastic and metal. Below we provide you with a description of some of the plastic piping available. In our next blog we will discuss metal pipes.

PVC pipes  

PVC pipes, or polyvinyl chloride pipes, are plastic pipes used to transport high pressured water. PVC pipe can handle cold water but will warp under hot water. They are mainly used to carry water to your home from the main water source. Because of their material they need to be approved for drinking water. They may split under cold weather so they need to be properly insulated.

CPVC pipes

CPVC pipes, or chlorinated polyvinyl chlorine pipes, have extra chlorination and are able to handle both hot and cold water. They are also more flexible and don’t break or leak as often as PVC pipe. Also, because it has the same diameter as a copper pipe it can be used for more purposes.

PEX pipe

PEX pipe, polyethylene pipe, has been used since the 1920 but has recently become very popular because it is cost effective. PEX piping and tubing is also easy to install and has less of a chance of leaking because of its flexibility and resistance to buildup. Because it has great heat resistance it is often used in water-based heating systems. PEX piping is a great alternative to copper although some believe it is cheap looking when visible. It cannot be used outside since it is UV sensitive.

ABS pipes

ABS pipes, acrylonitrite-butadiene-styrene pipes, are plastic pipes used for venting, waste removal, and drains in bathrooms and mobile homes. They are very rigid and are connected to metal pipes.

As you can see there is quite a variety of plastic pipes used in today’s homes An experienced and trained plumber will know which pipe is best for each purpose of job. It is important to use the right pipe or serious damage or injury can occur. If you have any questions or concerns about the pipes in your Decatur, Alabama home or business, feel free to call one of our experts at Lamco.

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