The Horrors of Burst Washing Machine Hoses in Decatur, AL

Picture this, you go out to the store for groceries, and you decide to throw a load of laundry in. Everything seems fine, but when you return: there’s an inch of water covering the first floor of your Decatur, AL home. Oh the horrors! Unfortunately, this experience happens to countless homes in North America. In fact, burst washing machine hoses are one of the leading insurance claims totaling more than $150 million in damages and remodeling costs each year. Thankfully, Lamco Plumbing  is here to help protect our residential clients from starring in this particular horror film.

A few different features can lead to a leaky hose or a burst hose:

  • How old is the hose? When was the last time you or someone else inspected the hose and connections?
    • Your washing machine’s hoses should be inspected and replaced every 3-5 years. An inspection would verify that the connections are secure, look for rust on the connectors, and examine for cracks or bulges in the hoses. You can schedule to have your hoses inspected at the same time as your water heater or other routine maintenance calls. It could be helpful to attach a note near the area stating when you last had the hoses inspected. If you inspect the hoses and find them to be damp, replace the hoses immediately
  • Are there any manufacturing defects in the hose?
    • Before installing the initial or replacement hoses, be sure to look at the entire hose. Examine for kinks, holes, loose fixtures, and broken components. You can also check reviews online to determine if the product regularly fails for other customers at a high rate.
  • What is the water quality like in your home?
  • Deterioration can come from poor water quality, but a licensed plumber can help improve the quality of your water, which could improve the life of the hoses. Remember: All hoses need to be inspected and replaced every 3-5 years.
  • Were the hoses and fixtures installed correctly?
    • Ensure there is a 4 inch gap between the water connection and the back of the washing machine to prevent kinks, which lead to hose failure. There are two basic hose types: reinforced rubber and stainless-steel reinforced. You can select either type, but be sure to purchase one that has “reinforced” in the label for highest quality. Remember, no hose is burst-free, so all hoses will need inspections and replacements.

Lamco Plumbing is here to rescue you from the horrors of burst washing machine hoses and to prevent this horror from happening to our Decatur, AL. This may be the season for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you have to star in an unwanted Plumbing Horror Story.   You can count on our certified plumbers to be courteous and respectful to you and your home.  Our plumbers are ready, willing, and able to help you with any of your residential and commercial water heating and/or plumbing needs. For testimonials, money saving tips, and coupons visit our website. And feel free to call us when problems arise or with any questions or concerns.